ENA Institute for Quality, Safety and Injury Prevention

The Emergency Nurses Association’s Institute for Quality, Safety, and Injury Prevention (IQSIP) assists emergency nurses in promoting injury prevention.  The IQSIP provides resources to each State IQSIP Chair, and these resources can be utilized by emergency nurses to empower and support their injury prevention efforts. The goal of the IQSIP is have every nurse integrate prevention into their everyday practice with each patient and family encounter.  ENA believes that emergency nurses, as members of the frontline care team, are provided this unique opportunity to lead in the prevention of injury through evidenced-based education, public education, and healthcare advocacy.


The Illinois ENA State Council is committed to assuring the availability of injury prevention interventions and training programs to every emergency nurse to assist in their community outreach efforts.


For more information, please contact the IQSIP Chair for Illinois:

Thelma Kuska, BSN, RN, CEN, CPST-I, CEN, FAEN at